The Coaching Connection Inc.


Sarah M.

by Jeana Conalas

“Jeana was an absolutely incredible life coach and I cannot believe I was one of her first clients–it feels like she has been doing this for a long time now given the quality of our sessions together and the feedback she has given me.

From the very first session I was worried that it would feel awkward over the phone, but she made me feel comfortable right from the get-go and I truly appreciate that. She made it very personal by telling me what her highs and lows were each week. Just knowing that someone qualified to be a life coach isn’t perfect themselves– and that she also experiences lows too–made me feel like I could open up more.

Her biggest strength, in my opinion, was her ability to help me set smart goals that were realistic and attainable. When I didn’t achieve what I wanted to in two weeks, she was not judgmental at all. Instead, she helped me adjust my goals into something even more attainable and I truly respected that. I would recommend Jeana to anyone I know who is in need of some life skills coaching. In fact, I have already recommended her to one of my roommates and she is already gaining so much from Jeana already.

Jeana is both motivating and inspiring, and I truly admire her positivity.”